9:30-10:00 coffee, mingle and intro

10:00-12:00 session 1

Hélène Cazes, “Improvisitations”

Jasper Heaton and Jelena Markovic, “Mending”

Tobias Ewé, The Unh͖͚̫̙̲̬e҉̺̲͇̘͍̟̤́͠a̷̢͖͇͔͍̠ͅr̤̯̹͖̳̀͜͜d̷͈͈ ̶̥̲̹̳̳͢

Eldritch Priest, “Melodies, Moods and Holes: Wayward Thinking in the Zone of Exclusion”

12:00-12:45 lunch

12:45-2:45 session 2

Puppets Forsaken, “Nostalgia for Futurism”

Nikolaus Wasmoen, TBA

Two poets: Anthony J. Gavin, “Machinic Poetics and Mutant Translations: Adventures in Computational Co-Authorship”; Luke Kernan, “Dictionary of the Lost”

Arthur Kroker, TBA

2:45-3:00 coffee

3:00-4:30 Session 3

Fabio Akcelrud Durao, “Fragmentos Reunidos”

Sara Ramshaw and Kristen Lewis, “Playing with Ornette: Derrida and the Justice and Trauma of Improvisation”

Carrie Jenkins, “Timelike”

4:30-6:00 BREAK

6:00 to ∞  SPECIAL EVENT at the Ministry of Casual Living. Featuring the band Alfred Jarry, poetry readings and an installation. Here’s the Facebook event page

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