Welcome to the third Summer of Theory.

The theme this year is, wait for it… “Who Is This?” Do what you want with that. Who, interrogative pronoun; is, (perhaps the most infinite) verb indicating equivalence; this, demonstrative pronoun. As the linguist Benveniste would say, these indexical words are empty except when placed in discourse, where they gain their semanticity. Of course, one needn’t take a linguistic approach… It’s an interesting question. Maybe better than “What is this?” or “Why is this?” Maybe… but then again, maybe not! In any case, if you think about it, this question, “Who Is This?”, is not as stupid as it might seem — and not half as intelligent, that is, as it might be trying to seem. Stupidity is freedom, but only if you’re aware you’re stupid? You should try it out for yourself! 

See the schedule and participants (they can always be found in the menu above).

The 2021 Summer of Theory will take place at the Fernwood Community Association, located at 1923 Fernwood Rd, Victoria, on unceded territory originally inhabited by the Songhees 

We would like to thank the Faculty of Humanities as well as CSPT UVic for the generous and ongoing support for the SOT!

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